Construction Restrooms

  • Porta Potty exterior
  • Portable Toilet interior

These portable toilets are delivered directly to your construction jobsite and serviced by our dedicated local team, our regular porta potties are ideal for residential or commercial construction projects.  This modern and self-contained facility comes standard with a toilet, urinal and fully stocked toilet paper dispenser. Because of our outstanding customer service, Joy’s Johns is a preferred supplier of portable toilets to the construction trade.  When you rent our portable restrooms, you can expect accurate and dependable delivery, and prompt professional service.

When determining the number of restrooms for your commercial or construction site, ANSI standards call for one portable toilet per 10 workers for a 40-hour work week.  Delivery can easily be arranged by simply calling us at 800-219-8911 or filling out a quote request form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Well-vented to help reduce odors
Lightweight design provides easy mobility
60 gallon internal waste tank allows for maximum usage
Fully stocked toilet paper dispenser
Holding Tank Capacity: 
60 gal
Weight (Plastic Skid Base): 
165 lbs
Weight (Wood Skid Base): 
189 lbs
Exterior Height: 
91.00 in
Exterior Width: 
43.50 in
Exterior Length: 
47.00 in
Interior Height: 
82.00 in
Interior Width: 
41.00 in
Interior Length: 
41.00 in
Tank Seat Height: 
19.00 in