Handicap Accessible Restrooms

Porta Potty wheel chair accessible
  • Porta Potty wheel chair accessible
  • Portable Toilet wheel chair accessible
  • Portable Restroom wheel chair accessible
  • Porta Potty wheel chair accessible interior

Our handicap accessible restrooms are the perfect solution if you require wheelchair access for guests with special needs or would like to provide a slightly larger restroom facility at your event.  These larger portable restrooms are also ideal for family-oriented events because their spacious interior accommodates parents who accompany children to the restroom.

With our expert advice, we will help you order the correct number of restrooms to match the size and style of your event—enough for the comfort and convenience of attendees, but not more than what makes sense for your size of event and budget.    Simply call us at 800-219-8911 or fill out a quote request form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Joy’s Johns also offers ADA-compliant portable restroom units, which are larger so a caregiver can accompany the user and wheelchairs have enough space to turn around within the unit.

Well-vented to help reduce odors
Barrier-free door sill & flat-floor design
Extra wide door for wheelchairs
Spacious interior for maneuverability
Large, easy-to-grasp handrails for assisted mobility
Holding Tank Capacity: 
68 gal
265 lbs
Exterior Height: 
91.00 in
Exterior Width: 
62.00 in
Exterior Length: 
62.00 in
Door Frame Height: 
80.80 in
Door Frame Width: 
32.70 in
Tank Seat Height: 
19.00 in