Porta Shower

Joys Johns Portable Shower
  • Joys Johns Portable Shower
  • Portable Shower
  • Joys Johns Porta Shower
  • Porta Shower

Portable cold or hot water private shower units for use anywhere. Ideal for outdoor concerts and festivals, construction sites, or school, church and other camping events.

Attach two hoses, flip the switch and the Porta Shower is ready to go. Inside, users will find there is plenty of space to comfortably wash up and hang their belongings to keep them dry.  The interior walls of the shower have splash guards and the base has raised edges to contain the water and insure proper drainage. The base also has a non-skid surface for added safety.

With our expert advice, we will help you order the correct number of restrooms to match the size and style of your event—enough for the comfort and convenience of attendees, but not more than what makes sense for your size of event and budget.    Simply call us at 800-219-8911 or fill out a quote request form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Optional propane-fueled water heater
Large white shower pan with non-slip strips
Molded-in vent screens
Towel hook above door on inside
Vinyl shower curtain
280 lbs
Exterior Height: 
88.00 in
Exterior Width: 
44.00 in
Exterior Length: 
48.00 in
Door Frame Height: 
73.00 in
Door Frame Width: 
24.00 in